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Butler County Bowling Association Officers

  • Jim Hepler, President
  • John Enrietto, 1st Vice President
  • Doug McCullough, 2nd Vice President
        (Hall of Fame VP)
  • Tim Malis, 3rd Vice President
        (Tournaments VP)
  • Rich Warheit, Association Manager

If you are interested in participating on the BCBA Board of Directors, please email or call us and let us know.  If emailing, please include your name, phone number, and email address, so we may contact you.

  • Brian Bruce
  • Nick Cooter
  • Mike Coyle
  • Bob Durr
  • John Kriley
  • Brian Marcellus
  • Ed Montgomery
  • Neil Morris
  • David Rankin
  • Darrell Switzer
  • Rich Warheit
  • Dalton "Skip" Weyand

Lane Representatives
Member Establishments
Lane Reps
Lane representative duties are to act as as a liaison between leagues and proprietors, or bowlers and leagues and to assist in the settling of problems (if possible) at the lowest possible level.

BCBA Committees
  Budget / Finance / Audit
  Chair: 1st VP email
To determine and project a fiscal budget
To semi-annually audit all BCBA accounts
  Awards Dinner
  Chair: 2nd VP email
To propose the date for the Banquet
To determine BCBA liabilities and insurance needs
To contract for the Hall and Food services
To propose and contract entertainment
To procure Bar Tenders and other help as needed
To manage and oversee the operation of the event
To deliver a detailed financial statement to the BCBA Secretary upon completion
  Hall of Fame
  Chair: 2nd VP email
To advertise for and deliver applications
To collect and qualify applications
To interview candidates
To prepare a slate of candidates
To manage and oversee the election process
To inform successful candidates
To determine and order appropriate awards
  Lane Certification
  Chair: President email
To annually inspect all lanes under the jurisdiction of the BCBA to the ABC/WIBC standards
To complete and submit any and all documentation pertaining to inspections
To perform Honors score inspections as necessary
Note: This is a joint committee, which is alternately chaired by the Butler County Women's Association and the BCBA.
  All Tournaments
  Chair: 3rd VP email
To contract with the different bowling establishments for dates, conditions, costs of lineage and practice
To acquire sanctioning
To review and modify tournament rules as necessary
To advertise individual tournaments
To produce and distribute applications and other information
To accept and schedule entrants along with the Secretary
To operate and oversee the tournament operation
To determine winners
To create and distribute the prize fund
To make a detailed financial report of the tournament
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